Richply Ultraform 1-Step MDO (Medium Density Overlay) is the most reliable concrete-form MDO on the market today. Ultraform is constructed using 100% high quality Douglas Fir veneers resulting in a premium concrete-forming plywood panel characterized by superior strength, stiffness, impact resistance, and durability. Douglas Fir is the ideal species for concrete-forming applications. Even in wet service conditions such as concrete formwork, Douglas Fir is one of the strongest softwood species available; stable, stiff, with high strength values in bending, tension, horizontal sheer and compression.

Richply Ultraform is the ultimate concrete formwork MDO panel designed to provide consistent and reliable reuse while imparting a non-architectural matte finish, uniform in colour, to the concrete surface. Ultraform’s 1-Step construction means some of the underlying face veneer grain patterns and wood patches may telegraph through the MDO overlay onto the concrete surface. If moderate grain/patch transfer or tiger-striping is not permitted in the concrete specification, Richply does also offer 2-Step alternatives for smoother concrete surfaces in both Ultraform MDO as well as High Density Overlay (HDO) 2-Step.

Ultraform is manufactured according to CSA-0121 Douglas Fir Plywood and US Voluntary Product Standard PS-1 to meet or exceed the requirements for COFIFORM SP PLUS and STRUCTURAL-1 panel ratings.


Richply Ultraform is widely used in both vertical and horizontal formwork applications. Ultraform sets the standard for multiple reuses, reliability and consistency in gang forms, tables, pans, fliers, and other site built formwork.

Ultraform’s durability helps contractors control job site labour costs; the ratio between labour and material costs is estimated to be 4:1. A quality formwork panel that delivers more reuse translates into less labour time spent reskinning or installing new panels. Ultraform helps improve jobsite cost-efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Durability – Ultraform provides resistance to alkalinity and abrasion from the concrete mix and typically give up to 6-10 reuses; subject to application, service conditions, and jobsite care and handling practices.
  • High Flow Overlay – Ultraform comes standard with our translucent high resin content MDO paper which provides a superior bond to the plywood substrate and improves panel durability and service life.
  • Matte Overlay – Ultraform can be specified with an opaque matte MDO paper that may help reduce or mask grain/patch transfer to the concrete surface earlier the panels’ service life.
  • Factory Release Treated – Ultraform is factory treated with a chemically active form release agent (Nox-Crete®). Richply recommends each panel also be coated with a quality chemically active release agent prior to the first, and each subsequent reuse. Richply discourages the use of diesel fuel or motor oil as these will reduce the expected service life of the panels.
  • Factory Edge-Sealed – Ultraform is factory edge-sealed for highly alkaline wet conditions. Cut or exposed edges should be resealed to prevent moisture ingress and swelling.


Richply Ultraform 1-Step Concrete Form MDO is available 1-Side or 2-Sides in standard 4’x8’ sheets (1220x2440mm) in the following thicknesses:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet (1-Side)
Imperial Metric lbs kg
5/8” 15.5mm 7 53 59.8 27.1
11/16” 17.5mm 7 50 63.8 28.9
3/4″ 19.0mm 7 44 69.4 31.4

** Weights are approximate and subject to change. Add 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg) per sheet for 2-Sides.