Richply D.Fir A-C is a premium multi-purpose sanded panel manufactured using an A-face with C-back and inner plies; leaving the panel with the best appearance on one-side. Surface blemishes are repaired with wooden plugs and epoxy/wooden putty patch materials that are sanded to provide a smooth, consistent working surface.

Richply D.Fir A-C is produced to U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS-1 Structural Plywood and is constructed using Group 1 Douglas Fir faces and backs, and with inner plies consisting of either Group 1 Douglas Fir or other specially selected Group 2 or 3 species. Structural-I panels for engineered applications where design properties including tension, compression, shear, cross-panel flexural properties and nail bearing are of significant importance are also available.


Richply D.Fir A-C is suitable for interior and exterior applications including do-it-yourself projects where appearance of one exposed surface is important.

Richply D.Fir A-C combines the warmth and natural beauty of Douglas Fir wood grain appearance with the structural performance and utility building professionals and do-it-yourselfers have come to expect when working with plywood; lightweight, easy to handle, strong and durable.

Typical end-use applications include shelving, built-ins, partitions, flow racks, laminating, furniture, porch ceilings, fences, soffits, fascia, paneling, accent panels, and flooring underlayment (tongue-and-groove profiling available). D.Fir A-C is also suitable in the Transportation industry for trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and boat building.

Key Advantages:

  • Attractive Appearance – the A-grade panel face captures the warmth and natural beauty of the real wood grain features contained within the Douglas Fir species.
  • Sanded Surface – smooth, solid surface that is consistent in thickness from panel to panel.
  • Light Weight and Workability – excellent strength-to-weight ratio; a 3/4” panel typically weighs less than 66 lbs, is easy to work with, and can be cut into almost any shape or size.
  • Dimensional Stability – plywood’s cross-laminated construction provides excellent two-way strength and stiffness properties, resistance to impact damage, and dimensional stability when gaining or losing moisture.
  • Fastener-Holding Ability – plywood’s cross-laminated construction provides excellent fastener-holding ability; nails and screws can be placed near panel edges without splitting the panel.
  • NAUF – manufactured with no added urea-formaldehyde.


Richply Sanded D.Fir A-C is available in standard 4’x8’ sheets in the following thicknesses:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet
Imperial Metric lbs kg
1/4” 6.0mm 3 120 22.4 10.2
11/32” 8.0mm 3 or 4 90 30.8 14.0
15/32” 11.0mm 5 70 42.0 19.1
19/32” 14.0mm 5 55 50.4 22.9
23/32” 18.3mm 7 42 64.4 29.2
3/4” 19.0mm 7 40 67.2 30.5
31/32” 24.0mm 9 30 84.7 38.4

** weights are approximate and subject to change

Richply Sanded Douglas Fir A-C is also available:

  • with Easy T&G™ profiles for panel thicknesses ≥ 19/32”;
  • with a Structural-I panel construction; and
  • in A-A (two-sides) as a custom order.