Concrete form

Richply concrete forming panels are constructed using Douglas Fir species for its predictable performance and superior strength and rigidity under the high pressures and wet service conditions of concrete formwork.

Richply offers a full range of high-quality concrete-forming choices; from non-overlaid oiled & edge-sealed for economical performance, to Medium Density Overlay (MDO) for improved concrete surfaces and re-use, to High Density Overlay (HDO) for smooth concrete surfaces and higher re-use. In addition to these various paper overlay products and combinations, Richply also offers concrete form MDO in 1-Step and 2-Step surface qualities while HDO are only available in 2-Step surface quality.

1-Step refers to the manufacturing process where the paper overlays and the veneer layers (plies) are bonded together with resin adhesive, under heat and pressure, in one-pass through a hot press (or first/one step). 2-Step refers to the manufacturing process where the veneer layers (plies) are bonded together with resin adhesive, under heat and pressure in the hot press, to make the plywood substrate as a first step. The panel substrate is then repaired and sanded to provide a superior smooth surface prior to applying the paper overlays in a second pass through the hot press (or second step).

Ultraform® is Richply’s market leading brand in the 1-Step MDO category. For over 25 years Ultraform has been earning its reputation with building professionals as the most reliable concrete-form MDO on the market. Quality of the formwork can have a vital bearing on cost and quality of the concrete; 35 to 60 percent of a concrete structure’s cost may be in formwork… shortcutting on these specifications is false economy.1

All Richply concrete forming panels are certified under quality assurance by APA – The Engineered Wood Association to meet or exceed design specifications according to CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and/or U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS-1 for Structural Plywood. Constructed using 100% Group 1 Douglas Fir species, Richply’s concrete forming panels meet or exceed the requirements for COFIFORM SP PLUS and STRUCTURAL-1 ratings.

1 A Guide to Specifying Formwork for Concrete by M. K. Hurd.