For nearly 70 years, Richply has been a reliable supplier of high-quality Specialty, Industrial, and Construction Plywood.


Richply is committed to quality; we put the current and future needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do.


Richply products originate from well-managed non-controversial forests that are harvested legally, responsibly, and sustainably.


Richply uses Coastal Douglas Fir; renowned for its strength, stiffness, durability and distinctive natural beauty.

Richply is the reliable choice for quality softwood plywood; from commodity sheathing to high-end sanded and specialty overlaid panels.

RICHMOND PLYWOOD CORPORATION LIMITED (Richply®) was founded in 1956 when 300 investors pooled their resources to establish what has grown to become a world-class plywood producing cooperative located on the banks of the Fraser River in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

For nearly 70 years, Richply has been manufacturing high-quality plywood products for North American and International markets. A highly specialized plywood operation, Richply offers a diverse value-added product mix including medium and high-density overlays (MDOs & HDOs) for concrete forming, paint grade MDOs for signage, specialty sanded panels and Marine grade; in addition to standard and select structural sheathing products.

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