Richply Canadian D.Fir G1S Clear-Face is Douglas Fir plywood manufactured with a clear (N-grade) Douglas Fir rotary peeled face veneer. The natural clear face veneer showcases the distinct and attractive grain pattern of Douglas Fir with its pronounced colour difference between the light yellow sapwood and the reddish-brown heartwood.

Clear or “natural” one-piece face veneers are free of open defects and require minimal surface repairs. No knots or pin knots. No synthetic filler or wood patches. Occasional hairline splits filled with wood putty. Richply D.Fir G1S Clear Face is a custom order product line; clear face veneers are a function of log quality and accumulation of natural clear face veneers may result in extended lead times.

Richply D.Fir G1S Clear-Face is available with “solid core” veneers which makes the panel ideal for use in high-end joinery and furniture applications where edges and cross-cuts can reveal the aesthetics of the solid inner-ply construction.

Richply Canadian Doug Fir G1S Clear-Face plywood is manufactured to product standard CSA-0121 Douglas Fir Plywood and is constructed using 100% Douglas Fir faces, backs, and inner plies.


Richply Canadian D.Fir G1S Clear-Face has been used primarily for interior applications where the natural warmth and beauty of the Douglas Fir grain can be admired and enjoyed.

Richply D.Fir G1S Clear-Face panels have been widely used as interior wall and ceiling cladding, high-end joinery projects, and furniture building including designs with edge reveals. The rich grain colours and patterns can also be enhanced through a variety of finishing such as clear lacquering, staining, or oiling.

Richply D.Fir G1S Clear-Face has been used in a number of high-profile interior design projects, including the award-winning Colyer-Fergusson Concert Hall at the University of Kent UK; Google offices in London UK, and the Facebook Ireland offices in Dublin Ireland.

Key Advantages:

  • Attractive Appearance – the N-grade or clear panel face free of open defects captures the warmth and natural beauty of the real wood grain features contained within the Douglas Fir species.
  • Sanded Surface – smooth, solid surface that is consistent in thickness from panel to panel.
  • Finishing – the rich grain colours and patterns can be enhanced with clear lacquers, stains, and oils.
  • Light Weight and Workability – excellent strength-to-weight ratio; a 3/4” panel typically weighs less than 68 lbs, is easy to work with, and can be cut into almost any shape or size.
  • Dimensional Stability – plywood’s cross-laminated construction provides excellent two-way strength and stiffness properties, resistance to impact damage, and dimensional stability when gaining or losing moisture.
  • Fastener-Holding Ability – plywood’s cross-laminated construction provides excellent fastener-holding ability; nails and screws can be placed near panel edges without splitting the panel.
  • NAUF – manufactured with no added urea-formaldehyde.


Richply D.Fir G1S Clear-Face is available in standard 1220x2440mm sheets in the following thicknesses:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet
Imperial Metric kg lbs
15/32” 11.0mm 5 70 19.1 42.0
19/32” 14.0mm 5 55 24.1 53.2
3/4” 19.0mm 7 40 30.5 67.2
31/32” 24.0mm 9 30 38.4 84.7

** weights are approximate and subject to change

Richply D.Fir G1S Clear-Face is also available:

  • with solid core construction.
  • in D.Fir Good-Two-Sides (G2S) Clear-Face as a custom order.