Richply DFP Select O&ES is an 18.5mm (23/32”) 6-ply non-overlaid Douglas Fir premium Select Sheathing panel that has been repaired, sanded, oiled and edge-sealed for concrete forming applications. Also available in an 18.5mm (23/32”) 7-ply DFP SEL Plus O&ES that has been repaired, double sanded, oiled and edge-sealed. DFP SEL O&ES panels are intended for end use applications where low reuse is expected, concrete appearance is not important but when the stiffness and high strength values of a Douglas Fir panel are still needed.

DFP SEL O&ES is manufactured according to CSA-0121 Douglas Fir Plywood and US Voluntary Product Standard PS-1.


Richply DFP SEL O&ES is often used in below grade foundation forming applications where low reuse is expected and concrete appearance is not important.

Features and Benefits:

  • Economy – DFP SEL O&ES panels are the economical choice when reuse and concrete appearance are not important. DFP SEL O&ES panels typically give up to 3-5 reuses; subject to application, service conditions, and jobsite care and handling practices.
  • Form Release – DFP SEL O&ES is factory treated with a chemically active form release agent (Nox-Crete®). Richply recommends each panel also be coated with a quality chemically active release agent prior to the first, and each subsequent reuse. Richply discourages the use of diesel fuel or motor oil as these will reduce the expected service life of the panels.
  • Factory Edge-Sealed – DFP SEL O&ES is factory edge-sealed for highly alkaline wet conditions. Cut or exposed edges should be resealed to prevent moisture ingress and swelling.


Richply DFP Select O&ES non-overlaid concrete forming panel is available in standard 4’x8’ sheets (1220x2440mm) in the following thicknesses:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet (100/30)
Imperial Metric lbs kg
3/4″ 18.5mm 6 40 64.4 29.2
3/4″ 18.5mm 7 40 66.0 29.9

** Weights are approximate and subject to change. Add 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg) per sheet for 2-Sides.

O&ES is also available on US panel grades including C-D, C-C, and CC-PTS.