Richply General Purpose 1-Step Medium Density Overlay (MDO) is an overlaid multi-purpose structural plywood panel widely used by highway departments (DOTs) and private commercial sign shops across North America for sign fabrication. Panels can be specified with overlay on both the face and back or on just one face. The Exterior glue bond classification is best for sign applications as it resists exposure to extreme conditions of moisture and temperature.

Richply General Purpose MDO is a versatile panel that provides customers with good value; the economy of 1-Step manufacturing combined with the toughness of a plywood structural panel and the superior wear of an overlaid surface. In addition to the sign industry, General Purpose is suitable for residential construction and do-it-yourself (DIY) applications.

Richply General Purpose MDO accepts paint easily and has a good-quality surface for finishing in either an interior or exterior environment. The MDO paper overlay provides a hard, smooth, densified surface which serves to mask some of the underlying wood grain characteristics that might be visible with the 1-Step panel construction.

Richply General Purpose 1-Step MDO is manufactured to CSA-0121 Douglas Fir Plywood as well as US Voluntary Product Standard PS-1.


Richply General Purpose MDO is also commonly used in the residential construction, do-it-yourself (DIY), and industrial markets. It is suitable for use in miscellaneous applications such as garage doors, soffits, fascias, finished columns, gable ends, chimney enclosures, garden boxes, work surfaces, storage bins, totes, crates, pallets, cabinets, shelving, furniture, signs, billboards, and truck and trailer linings.

General Purpose MDO is an unfinished wood product that should not be left exposed to the elements without treatment. For exterior applications, panel surfaces require an acrylic latex primer and two all-acrylic latex topcoats. Panel edges require filling, priming, and top-coating with a least two coats of acrylic, polyurethane, or polyurethane-acrylic finishes. Consulting with a paint store to select companion products designed to be used together and preferably by the same manufacturer is recommended.

Key Advantages:

  • Paintability – durable smooth surface easily painted using primer and compatible top-coat paints.
  • Masking – paper overlay reduces visible grain and wood characteristics beneath the paper.
  • Machinability – machines well during sawing, drilling, routing and boring; veneer-core provides excellent screw-holding.
  • Weatherability – when combined with a quality finish on surfaces and edges, provides a durable exterior.
  • Hardness – provides a smooth, densified surface that resists scuffing.
  • NAUF – manufactured with no added urea-formaldehyde.


Richply General Purpose 1-Step MDO is available with one or two working faces (1-Side or 2-Sides) in standard 4’x8’ sheets (1220x2440mm) in the following thicknesses:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet
Imperial Metric lbs kg
3/8” 9.5mm 3 88 35.8 16.2
1/2” 12.5mm 5 66 47.0 21.3
5/8” 15.5mm 5 53 58.2 26.4
11/16” 17.5mm 7 50 63.8 28.9
3/4″ 19.0mm 7 44 69.4 31.4

** Weights are approximate and subject to change. Add 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg) per sheet for 2-Sides.
** minimum order quantities required for 3/8” (9.5mm), 5/8” (15.5mm) and 11/16” (17.0mm) 2-Sides.