Richply Richflor Underlayment is a premium grade Douglas Fir intermediary or sub-surface layer of plywood typically installed on top of a subfloor to provide a smooth, consistent surface suitable for the additional installation of a variety of floor coverings.

Richflor Underlayment is a specially developed solid-face premium-core underlayment sanded to fine tolerances for a smooth, stable and puncture-proof surface that readily accepts adhesive and is easy to install. It will not cause cracking, shrinking, bleed-through, or discolouring of the finished floor.

Richflor Underlayment is a Douglas Fir panel produced to CSA-0121 and US PS-1 product standards.


Richflor Underlayment provides superior performance under Harwood or Laminate Flooring, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl and Resilient Flooring.

Key Advantages:

  • Solid Surface – constructed using higher-grade face veneers that are repaired using only wood putty and patches prior to sanding in order to provide a smooth, uniform solid surface free from open defects.
  • Puncture Resistant – premium grade core veneers and minimal core gaps serve to prevent punctures.
  • Stability and Durability – certified panel construction by AFA as meeting or exceeding CSA standards, bonded under high temperature and pressure with a waterproof phenol-formaldehyde resin adhesive, Richflor U-Lay is a highly stable and durable panel guaranteed against delamination and discolouration.
  • NAUF – manufactured with no added urea-formaldehyde.


Richply Richflor Underlayment panels are available in standard 1220x2440mm sheets as a Full-Sand 8.0mm thickness, but are also available in a Touch-Sand 8.5mm thickness:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet
Imperial Metric lbs kg
5/16” 8.0mm 3 90 28.0 12.7
11/32” 8.5mm 3 85 30.8 14.0

** weights are approximate and subject to change