Richmond Plywood produces a full range of quality softwood plywood, from sheathing to high-end specialty panels

Richply offers a diverse value-added product mix including medium and high-density overlays (MDOs & HDOs) for concrete forming, paint grade MDOs for signage, specialty sanded panels and Marine grade; in addition to standard and select structural sheathing products.

Sanded and industrial

Sanded & Industrial

Sanded structural plywood panels for applications where surface smoothness, beauty and appearance are important.

Concrete form

Concrete Form

Constructed using Douglas Fir species for its predictable performance and superior strength and rigidity under challenging conditions.

Specialty overlay

Specialty Overlay

General purpose paint-grade plywood overlaid with kraft paper permanently bonded to the panel.

Construction sheathing

Construction Sheathing

Plywood structural panels used primarily as a load-bearing components for roof, wall and floor assemblies in construction.

Product FAQs

Product FAQs

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