Richply Canadian D.Fir G1S sets the standard as the most reliable multi-purpose sanded panel on the market in Canada today. It is the industry workhorse that is made from beautiful West Coast Douglas Fir harvested in Canada. Customers buying Richply D.Fir G1S can rest assured that they are not only receiving a high quality Canadian-made sanded panel, but at the same time they are supporting Canadian interests and businesses.

Richply D.Fir G1S is manufactured using an A-face with C-back and inner plies; leaving the panel with the best appearance on one-side. Surface blemishes are repaired with wooden plugs and epoxy/wooden putty patch materials that are sanded to provide a smooth, consistent working surface.

Richply D.Fir G1S is manufactured to product standard CSA-0121 Douglas Fir Plywood and is constructed using Douglas Fir faces and backs, and with inner plies consisting of either Douglas Fir or other specially selected Canadian softwood species.


Richply Canadian D.Fir G1S is suitable for interior and exterior applications including do-it-yourself projects where appearance of one exposed surface is important.

Richply D.Fir G1S combines the warmth and natural beauty of Douglas Fir wood grain appearance with the structural performance and utility building professionals and do-it-yourselfers have come to expect when working with plywood; lightweight, easy to handle, strong and durable.

Typical end-use applications include shelving, built-ins, partitions, flow racks, laminating, furniture, porch ceilings, fences, soffits, fascia, paneling, accent panels, and flooring underlayment (tongue-and-groove profiling available). D.Fir G1S is also suitable in the Transportation industry for trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and boat building.

Key Advantages:

  • Attractive Appearance – the A-grade panel face captures the warmth and natural beauty of the real wood grain features contained within the Douglas Fir species.
  • Sanded Surface – smooth, solid surface that is consistent in thickness from panel to panel.
  • Light Weight and Workability – excellent strength-to-weight ratio; a 19.0mm (3/4″) panel typically weighs less than 31.0kg (68 lbs), is easy to work with, and can be cut into almost any shape or size.
  • Dimensional Stability – plywood’s cross-laminated construction provides excellent two-way strength and stiffness properties, resistance to impact damage, and dimensional stability when gaining or losing moisture.
  • Fastener-Holding Ability – plywood’s cross-laminated construction provides excellent fastener-holding ability; nails and screws can be placed near panel edges without splitting the panel.
  • NAUF – manufactured with no added urea-formaldehyde.


Richply D.Fir G1S is available in standard 1220x2440mm sheets in the following thicknesses:

Nominal Thickness # of
Per Unit
Weight per Sheet
Metric Imperial kg lbs
6.0mm 1/4” 3 120 10.2 22.4
8.0mm 11/32” 3 or 4 90 14.0 30.8
11.0mm 15/32” 5 70 19.1 42.0
14.0mm 19/32” 5 55 22.9 50.4
18.3mm 23/32” 7 42 29.2 64.4
19.0mm 3/4” 7 40 30.5 67.2
24.0mm 31/32” 9 30 38.4 84.7

** weights are approximate and subject to change

Richply D.Fir G1S is also available:

  • with wood putty patching materials as well as Easy T&G™ Roof and Floor for panel thicknesses ≥ 14.0mm (19/32″).
  • in D.Fir Good-Two-Sides (G2S) as a custom order.